Obaseki Reaffirms Ban on Open Grazing, Calls for Stakeholder Support for Edo’s Security and Prosperity

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In a recent address to stakeholders, Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, reiterated the ban on open grazing within the state boundaries, emphasizing that violators will face legal consequences.

Speaking at an interactive session focused on the Edo State Regional Development and Benin City Master Plan, held in Iguobazuwa, Ovia South-West Local Government Area, Governor Obaseki underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all residents. He urged stakeholders to join hands in fostering a peaceful, secure, and prosperous Edo State.

Governor Obaseki stated, “Any individual found grazing livestock in our forests without proper authorization is contravening our state laws, and they will bear the consequences of their actions. Accountability will be upheld.”

Highlighting the ban on open grazing, the Governor emphasized the importance of stakeholders’ vigilance in reporting unauthorized grazing activities. He assured the availability of law enforcement agencies and local vigilantes to address such infringements promptly.

He further emphasized the need for a structured approach to ranching, urging individuals interested in the ranching business to engage with local communities. “Those seeking to engage in ranching activities should liaise with community leaders to identify suitable lands and agree on sustainable grazing practices. This collaborative effort ensures responsible business conduct and respects the ownership of our forests and lands,” Governor Obaseki affirmed.

In conclusion, Governor Obaseki called upon all stakeholders to uphold the ban on open grazing and to actively participate in promoting the security and prosperity of Edo State.

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