Edo convicts two for traffic violations …erring drivers get 50,000 fine, psychological evaluations.

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A Mobile Court in Benin City has convicted two city drivers of violating the state’s traffic laws.

The drivers were among those detained by the Edo State Public Works Volunteers (PUWOV) for driving in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic (one-way) as part of a fresh effort to regain order on the city’s roads.

The culprits are Mr. Tobechukwu Miracle and Paul Robert, both driving Mitsubishi buses with the registration numbers RSH 514 XN and BEN 12 ZZ, respectively.

Each of the negligent drivers received a fine of N50,000 and a psychiatric evaluation.

Mukhtar Yusuf-Osagie, the Edo PUWOV Coordinator, emphasized the commitment of the government to reestablishing sanity and order on roadways inside Benin metropolitan while speaking to journalists in Benin City.

The PUWOV Coordinator urged drivers to follow the law’s traffic regulations and stressed that the government will continue its battle against one-way driving in the city, making sure all offenders are apprehended and properly prosecuted.

“Traffic laws are in place for the safety of everyone on the road,” he charged. These laws safeguard not only you and your passengers but also other drivers and must be properly followed to maintain road safety. Overspeeding, driving against the flow of traffic, and other reckless driving offenses endanger everyone and will no longer be permitted.

“We are encouraging motorists and other users of the road to report drivers who drive one way on our roads. On our route, members of the public can videotape drivers disobeying the law, and then transmit videos of the recordings to the WhatsApp number 08132030846.

He continued, “We will make sure we apprehend the drivers to face prosecution when we receive video recordings of such contempt for the state traffic laws. We’ll keep working to make sure that traffic on our roadways flows freely.

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