PwC highlights Edo as a model state with a workable economic strategy in light of the Obaseki reforms.

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The Chief Economic Adviser of PwC Nigeria, Andrew Nevin, has chosen Edo as a model state with a workable economic plan, pointing out that the state’s progressive leadership under Governor Godwin Obaseki has put it on the right track.

In a conversation with journalists, Nevin said that after examining sub-nationals in Nigeria, Edo stands out because the state’s leadership is committed to advancing a practical economic strategy that will turn the region into an industrial hub.

Edo State is a wonderful example, he claimed. I’ll give you an illustration of the economic strategies Governor Obaseki uses. One of them is the growth of the agricultural and agro-value chains and the capacity to attract investment, particularly in the palm oil sector.

“The cultural industry comes in second. In Benin City, a brand-new museum with a specialization in Benin bronzes is opening. The Benin Empire has a fascinating history to share.

“The third one,” he continued, “is about upskilling young Nigerians so they can express themselves as developers in the global value chain. Thousands of developers in the state are being trained by the governor.

“The point I’m trying to emphasize is that the state has an outstanding economic strategy, which it is putting into practice. Every state has assets that it can use to boost growth.

The state’s economy has undergone extensive reforms under the leadership of Governor Obaseki, luring investors into the energy, commercial agriculture, agro-processing, forestry, skills development, tourism, entertainment, and creative industries, among other sectors.

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