Obaseki counts gains of localizing security, encouraging citizens’ participation in combating crime

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Representative of Edo State and Chief of Staff, Osaigbovo Iyoha (2nd row, middle) with other officials of the state government and delegates from the National Defense College on Course 31 Tour of Edo State, during a dinner at the Government House in Benin City

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has said the government has forestalled crime and criminality across the state by developing a robust security system, involving local vigilantes, which has ensured that citizens are actively engaged in protecting and securing their immediate communities.

Obaseki said this at the Dinner/Gala Night organised by the Edo State Government in honour of delegates from the National Defence College on Course 31 Tour of Edo State, at the Government House, Benin City.

The governor, represented by his Chief of Staff, Osaigbovo Iyoha, said the government mobilized communities and security agencies in the state in activating a community policing model that guarantees robust intelligence gathering and regular patrols, ensuring increased peace and security across the state.

He said his administration has prioritized security, guaranteeing the protection of lives and properties as well as businesses in the state.

Obaseki said, “Looking back at the ENDSARS period, Edo State was the worst hit but we looked inward and localized our solutions. We talked to all stakeholders and faced our situation and the challenges head on.

“We brought in religious and traditional leaders, civil society groups and other stakeholders and took decisions on how to protect our society, collaborating with our local security and other stakeholders.”

On her part, Special Adviser to the Governor on Strategy, Policy, Projects, and Performance Management, Sarah Esangbedo Ajose-Adeogun said, “We are making a great impact in Edo State, especially in our security architecture. We are ensuring that the state is the most secured in the country, as we move to meet our vision of becoming the best state to live and prosper by the year 2050. Security is key to us achieving this.”

Also, the leader of the delegation, Cdre Cletus Uko, commended the state government for tackling insecurity, through human capacity development, especially with a focus on the youths.

He said, “We came and met resilience already built and consolidated in Edo State. The state is different from what we knew in the past. Edo State has been able to put its youthful population to work.

“The State had done well in terms of human capital development, infrastructural development, and e-governance. It is quite pleasing that all citizens are committed to developing the state. We thank the people for their hospitality during our tour round the state.”

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